Nicolas Ninin some stuff

Quick words about me

I’m a PhD student in the cosynus team at the LIX laboratories of Ecole Polytechnique. I study topological models of concurrent programs with my advisor Emmanuel Haucourt

In the future I want to work somewhere where I can use both data sciences and topology to applied problems.

Starcraft2 projects


This was my first try at ML in real life. The goal of this was to identify Starcraft players from their replays. The idea is that players in such games as Starcraft (and probably other) have keyboard patterns that can be used to identify them.

Something probably not working is on my github, and a website was created around it sc2guess.


A much more boring project to get the ladder match history of players. It use the not to be trusted too much blizzard api. The idea is to get some nice stats on the player ladder.

It’s a bit related to the previous projects since you can use some of the ladder informations to find smurfs of the players.

Other Interests

Besides sciences and Starcraft here are some of my other dubious interests: